Inspiration 4 Action

Collaborative creativity
for people and nature

The Four Pillars

Biodiversity Conservation

Back from the brink of extinction. See more

Community Renewal

Collective action for solutions to common problems. See more

Landscape Restoration

An economic opportunity to restore health and beauty. See more

Art 4 Action

Collective creativity to restore nature. See more

Examples of I4A Projects

Head, Heart and Hands

A story of regeneration. See more

Re-Generation Festival

Celebrating our ability to restore degraded landscapes and communities. See more

Living Sculptures

Beauty, identity, and business development at the core of landscape restoration. See more

Soundscapes of Resilience

Regenerating healthy landscapes that literally “sing”. See more


Astrid Vargas

Welcome to Inspiration 4 Action, an initiative about people and about nature.

Nature needs our attention more than ever. We also depend on it for our well-being.  Inspiration 4 Action helps you give wings to the intersection between Communities, Biodiversity, Art, and Landscape Restoration.

Entrepreneurs, farmers, scientists, artists and others, are energised to develop and implement creative ideas, imagining and creating a better future for ourselves and for the environment in which we live.

Latest videos

Alvelal, a Real Story
Presents the concepts underlying regenerative agriculture including soil restoration, water harvesting, the relationship between biodiversity and a resilient economy, and the revitalization of rural communities.
Highlights the importance of soil restoration to prevent erosion, increase crop productivity and as a tool to combat climate change. Presents soil restoration techniques such as regenerative compost, green cover, and water harvesting techniques.
Establishes the connection between a diversified landscape and a resilient rural economy. It covers concepts such as crop diversification, the creation of regenerative businesses and the importance of having a landscape vision.
Tackles the challenges of rural abandonment and the lack of inter-generational continuity. It proposes inspiration, collective creativity and celebration as important avenues to keep alive the sense of community.