Art 4 Action

Collective creativity to revitalise ourselves, our environment, and our communities

Land Art, music, photography, storytelling, performances and celebration strengthen community bonds. They also nurture the inner artist that resides within each one of us.

Art 4 Action is art that empowers, motivates and inspires people to imagine their own future and to create it.

Art that generates positive action on the ground; that highlights the issues we all face; that empowers communities for regenerative change.

“Astrid has the vision of a creative artist, the technical abilities of a wildlife veterinarian turned into conservation biologist and then reinvented as a conflict manager, the empathy of someone who can place herself in the shoes of others, and the humour of one who really enjoys what she’s doing"

Ignacio Jiménez, CLT

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Art 4 Action Projects

Beauty, identity, and business development at the core of landscape restoration.

A story of regeneration.

Regenerating healthy landscapes that literally “sing”.