Community Renewal

Connecting and empowering people to build flourishing communities that thrive in healthy environments

Communities, rural and urban, need inspiration and cohesion for regenerative action. They need to be empowered to co-create their own future rather than submit to top-down approaches.

I help facilitate processes of community renewal through collective leadership workshops that encourage stakeholders to reconnect and lead from their own passion.

I apply different facilitation processes including Theory-U, Design Theory, Future Search, and Open Space to help strengthen community bonds.

“Astrid’s warm and disarming demeanor translates into a remarkable ability to connect with people of diverse, often divergent, backgrounds and help forge resolution of difficult problems. Simply put, Astrid is one of the most capable, honest, energetic, and inspirational people I have ever known."

Mike Lockhart

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Community Renewal Projects

A story of regeneration.

Celebrating our ability to restore degraded landscapes and communities.

Beauty, identity, and business development at the core of landscape restoration.

Regenerating healthy landscapes that literally “sing”.