Landscape Restoration

Revitalized landscapes restore our natural systems, increase land productivity and rekindle the wellbeing of human communities.

Landscape degradation affects 75% of the earth surface and decreases the wellbeing of more than 3 billion people. Industrial agriculture is at the root of landscape degradation, and it causes 25% of all emissions that contribute to climate change.

Together with Commonland Foundation, I helped establish a large-scale landscape restoration project in Southern Spain, covering 1 million Hectares (2,5 million acres) within the provinces of Granada, Almería and Murcia.

The Alvelal initiative aims at halting desertification and erosion through the restoration of natural and agricultural zones and the establishment of regenerative businesses.

Regenerative agriculture is key for restoring landscapes and for fighting climate change.  It promotes nature-friendly agricultural practices that are founded on 4 pillars: soil restoration, water capture, biodiversity recovery and community renewal.

Many of the Inspiration 4 Action projects you see in this website, took wings in within the core of the Alvelal initiative. Alvelal aspires to be a light-house that inspires the restoration of other degraded areas across the globe.

“Her thoughtful work – and her warm, positive personality – have been crucial for mobilising a large farming community in Southern Spain to regenerate their landscape and revitalise their community. “

Willem Ferwerda, Commonland

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Landscape Restoration Projects

Beauty, identity, and business development at the core of landscape restoration.

Celebrating our ability to restore degraded landscapes and communities.

Regenerating healthy landscapes that literally “sing”.