Artwork - Inspiration 4 Action

“Practice any art, music, singing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting, sculpting, poetry, fiction, essays, reportage, no matter how well or badly, not to get money and fame, but to experience becoming, to find out what’s inside you,
to make your soul grow".

Kurt Vonnegut


The Thames at Dusk from Ferry Cottage (2022; Watercolour and ink)

Bee-eater (2022; Digital pencils)

We are Made of Stardust (2021; Digital collage from book “I am La Reme”)

Wings’ Mandala (2021, digital collage from “I am La Reme”)

Butterfly Proboscis (2021; Digital collage from book “I am La Reme”)

Malagasy Girl (2021; Acrylic with digital and natural elements 40×60 cm)

Without Blue there’s no Green (2021; Alcohol paint, 15x20cm)

Adelfa, an Iberian lynx with the longest tufts (2021; Acrylic, 60X40 cm)

Triadic Dance (2021; Alcohol paint, 78×30 cm)

Deeply Grounded (2020; Watercolour, 21×30 cm)

Amsterdam after the Coffee Shop (2020; Watercolour 21×30 com)

Threesome (2020; Watercolour, 30×40)

The Expansion of Colour. (2020; Watercolour, 30×40 cm)

Then you stretch your wings and you take to the ski (2020; Watercolour, 30×40 cm)

The Femenine Side (2020; Watercolour, 30×40 cm)

Natural Progression (2020; Ephemeral Composition, 100x 60 cm)

Natural Progression II (2020; Watercolour, 21x 30cm)

Feeling Blue (2020; Acrylic, 21×30)

Transparencies II (2020;Watercolour, 25x18cm)

Transparencies I (2020; Watercolour 30×40 cm)

Joy (2020; Watercolour, 15×20 cm)

El Solfeo Cromático de Nicky (2020; Watercolour, 21×30 cm)

Green Heart (2020; watercolour, 21x30cm)

Dispersion of colour (2020; Watercolour and collage, 21×56 cm)

Interlinked (2020; Watercolour, 30×50 cm)

Surreal vs Hyperreal, after Jaime San Juan (2020; digital painting)

Penguin Love, after Katie Scott (2020; watercolour 21×30)

A Rainbow Warrior (2019; Digital)

A Rose for You (2019; Watercolour, 15×20 cm)

Afternoon Landscape (2019; Alcohol Paint 15x20cm)

Flourish (2019; Watercolour, 42x30cm)

Wharholling with Mario (2019; Digital Collage)

Amatxi, Fox and The Tree of Life (2019; Digital painting)

El Bosque de L’Amatxi (2019; Oil paint, 80x100cm)

Reencuentro de Vanessas (2019; Watercolour crayons and ink, 15x21cm)

Amatxi’s Healing Garden; AKA Las Recomendaciones del Doctor (2019; Digital painting)

And Thus Life Begins (2018; Alcohol painting, 20x20cm)

Mamá (2018; Digital painting)

Shore (2018; Watercolour 21x30cm)

Marieto Coqueto (2018; Digital painting)

The Essence is Invisible to the Eyes (2018; Pencil, 45x63cm)

Autumn Leaves (2018; Watercolour, 30x42cm)

Primeval Soup (2018; Alcohol ink, 21×30 cm)

Barrier Reef (2018; Alcohol Ink 15x21cm)

Twin Oaks at 42-Acres (2018; Acrylic, 80x100cm)

42-Acres, Sommerset, UK (May 2018. My first painting in progress, dedicated to my friend Seth T.)