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Asociación Alvelal,


Astrid is not domesticated, she is a free spirit. And she inspires me to continue to grow as a rural woman in the struggle to preserve my land ... our Earth.

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International Union for the Conservation of Nature,

SSC, Cat Specialist Group,


"Beyond her professional excellence and amazing innovative capacity, I have admired and profited from Astrid's communication skills, and from her ability to bring people together. "

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Tompkins Conservation,

USA, Argentina & Chile

"Her ability to see the big picture and turn it into an inspiring vision encouraged us to bring all our activities together under the single umbrella of Tompkins Conservation."

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“Her thoughtful work -and her warm, positive personality- has been crucial for inspiring and mobilising a large farming community in Southern Spain to regenerate their landscape and revitalise their community. "

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Chief Scientist

Doñana Biological Station,

Superior Council for Scientific Research,


"Astrid got us all wanting to work along with her, experiencing as our very own all the great successes and the small misfortunes that the Iberian lynx breeding program naturally went through. I had never known such kind of leadership."

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