Head, Heart and Hands

A story of regeneration

HEAD, HEART AND HANDS – A film that invites us to aspire to a better world.  A wold built around healthy landscapes, thriving communities, and regenerative economies. 


With optimism and determination, the voices of Santiaga, Alfonso, Loly and other Alvelal entrepreneurs show us practical and realistic solutions to combat the devastating desertification and loss of life that affects so many rural areas around the world.


Soil restoration, water harvesting and crop diversification merge with inspiring initiatives such as living sculptures and international festivals to motivate positive change in a landscape spanning more than 1 million hectares. 

"The first time we ever met, at my farm, Astrid had a way of speaking and looking at me that made me feel proud about my profession, about being a farmer. From the first day she felt as she belonged in this land."

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