The Magic of Transformation.

Memoirs of a Flightless Butterfly.

A book written for the chrysalis we carry inside of us waiting to expand its wings in a new aspect of life.

In our era of global change we need stories that offer hope and positive solutions to the challenges we face. The Magic of Transformation is such story; a celebration of life and a tribute to our constant process of transformation though life.  It is also a call for action for the protection of butterflies, offering positive suggestions on how we can team up with pollinators to help each other create a better world for both.

Fusing science, art, philosophy, and conservation, La Reme narrates her own life experience from egg to death and the afterlife. She shows how her own cycle of transformation holds inspiring lessons for us all as we go through our own transformation in life.   Throughout the book, La Reme speaks in first person, and that’s perhaps the only fictional aspect of this story. The rest: La Reme herself, her accident, Amatxi and her Clan, the worldwide demise of butterflies, our need of mutual support… All is real.

All proceeds from this book are invested in butterfly conservation and regenerative education. See project “Regenerating Butterflies” for more information.