Soundscapes of Resilience

Regenerating healthy landscapes
that literally “sing”

‘The Soundscapes of Resilience’, by Sound Matters, comprises 6 tracks that integrate the sounds of landscape restoration (soil, water and biodiversity) with sounds, voices and music recorded in the ALVELAL territory and mixed with organic and electronic beats.

Every track acquires strength and complexity as life returns to degraded landscapes.

Some tracks invite you to dance to the beat of regeneration; others invite you to listen peacefully; all transmit the essence of ALVELAL – the belief that eco-social restoration of degraded areas is possible.

Astrid has helped Sound Matters become an innovative and successful organisation. Her unique ways of sensing the world, and her ability to create movements around her visionary leadership, makes her one of the few people I know who is truly capable of making the world a better place.

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