Test - Inspiration 4 Action

The Thames at Dusk from Ferry Cottage (2022; Watercolour and ink)

Bee-eater (2022; Digital pencils)

We are Made of Stardust (2021; Digital collage from book “I am La Reme”)

Wings’ Mandala (2021, digital collage from “I am La Reme”)

Butterfly Proboscis (2021; Digital collage from book “I am La Reme”)

Malagasy Girl (2021; Acrylic with digital and natural elements 40×60 cm)

Without Blue there’s no Green (2021; Alcohol paint, 15x20cm)

Adelfa, an Iberian lynx with the longest tufts (2021; Acrylic, 60X40 cm)

Triadic Dance (2021; Alcohol paint, 78×30 cm)

Deeply Grounded (2020; Watercolour, 21×30 cm)

Amsterdam after the Coffee Shop (2020; Watercolour 21×30 com)

Threesome (2020; Watercolour, 30×40)

The Expansion of Colour. (2020; Watercolour, 30×40 cm)

Then you stretch your wings and you take to the ski (2020; Watercolour, 30×40 cm)

The Femenine Side (2020; Watercolour, 30×40 cm)

Natural Progression (2020; Ephemeral Composition, 100x 60 cm)

Natural Progression II (2020; Watercolour, 21x 30cm)

Feeling Blue (2020; Acrylic, 21×30)

Transparencies II (2020;Watercolour, 25x18cm)

Transparencies I (2020; Watercolour 30×40 cm)

Joy (2020; Watercolour, 15×20 cm)

El Solfeo Cromático de Nicky (2020; Watercolour, 21×30 cm)

Green Heart (2020; watercolour, 21x30cm)

Dispersion of colour (2020; Watercolour and collage, 21×56 cm)

Interlinked (2020; Watercolour, 30×50 cm)

Surreal vs Hyperreal, after Jaime San Juan (2020; digital painting)

Penguin Love, after Katie Scott (2020; watercolour 21×30)

A Rainbow Warrior (2019; Digital)

A Rose for You (2019; Watercolour, 15×20 cm)

Afternoon Landscape (2019; Alcohol Paint 15x20cm)

Flourish (2019; Watercolour, 42x30cm)

Wharholling with Mario (2019; Digital Collage)

Amatxi, Fox and The Tree of Life (2019; Digital painting)

El Bosque de L’Amatxi (2019; Oil paint, 80x100cm)

Reencuentro de Vanessas (2019; Watercolour crayons and ink, 15x21cm)

Amatxi’s Healing Garden; AKA Las Recomendaciones del Doctor (2019; Digital painting)

And Thus Life Begins (2018; Alcohol painting, 20x20cm)

Mamá (2018; Digital painting)

Shore (2018; Watercolour 21x30cm)

Marieto Coqueto (2018; Digital painting)

The Essence is Invisible to the Eyes (2018; Pencil, 45x63cm)

Autumn Leaves (2018; Watercolour, 30x42cm)

Primeval Soup (2018; Alcohol ink, 21×30 cm)

Barrier Reef (2018; Alcohol Ink 15x21cm)

Twin Oaks at 42-Acres (2018; Acrylic, 80x100cm)

42-Acres, Sommerset, UK (May 2018. My first painting in progress, dedicated to my friend Seth T.)